Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Parse ODP.NET trace file

To calculate number of opened, closed and disposed connection in ODP.NET trace log file, following combination of UnixTools and batch scripting can be used:

@echo off

grep OracleConnection::Open() .\Trace\trace.log | wc -l > .\Trace\Trace.tmp
set /p openconn= <.\Trace\Trace.tmp
grep OracleConnection::Close() .\Trace\trace.log | wc -l > .\Trace\Trace.tmp
set /p closeconn= <.\Trace\Trace.tmp
grep OracleConnection::Dispose() .\Trace\trace.log | wc -l > .\Trace\Trace.tmp
set /p dispconn= <.\Trace\Trace.tmp
echo Opened connections:  %openconn%, Closed connections: %closeconn%, Disposed connections: %dispconn%

where .\Trace\Trace.log - ODP.NET trace file

You can find ported Unix tools at:

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